Ammie with an i-e (amielleon) wrote in nightrunner,
Ammie with an i-e

Some Tamir Triad Fanart

Hi guys! I'm new here, though not new to Flewelling's work. (I first read Luck in the Shadows some four years back.) Somehow or another I never really found the drive to pick up Tamir all those years.

Then after Casket, I wanted more Flewelling, so I picked up the Tamir Triad, and instantly regretting putting it off. Where has it been all my life. Right there on Amazon, that's where.

There seemed to be just about no fandom for Tamir out there so I painted a little humble offering to throw in the pile.

Fake cuts don't look right anymore, so just have a naked link.
Tags: fanart
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