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Mar. 24th, 2014

dip 107


Count Down: 8 days till Shards of Time

Here's today's question:

You happen to come across Seregil kissing a man who is not blond. Do you throw a stone risking that Alec dyed his hair, or do you leave them to it?

If there are any questions you like to ask, please just send them either to fendassor or me - or let us know ahead that you'll be posting one that day. :)

Mar. 23rd, 2014



Quick question...

So, I'm interrupting the count down for a short question. I'm currently re-reading Casket of Souls and I happend to come across this:

(They are at Eirual's) "The other three colors, white, blue, and green, signaled other combinations."

Did I perhaps miss something, overread something anywhere? When did they change amber to blue? Or is it perhaps just a mistake overseen during the editing process?

Mar. 19th, 2014



Count Down: 13 days till Shards of Time

Today's question has been contributed by sweet siberianchan. Thank you very much :3

How do you imagine would their late lives - one or two centuries from now - look like?

And remember, you can always send us - sysann or me - or post it yourself, but please let us know beforehand. Cheers! :)

Mar. 17th, 2014

NR_Alec x Seragil


Count Down: 15 days till Shards of Time

Happy St. Partick's Day - to those of you, who celebrate it.

And we'll continue with the count down. Here's today's question:

Intrinsic nature: Seregil's an otter, Alec a stag. What do you think would be Micum's, Beka's etc. animal form?

And remember, if there are any questions you want to ask, just send them to sysann or me, or tell us you want to post them ;)
D.Gray Man mood


The film that never happened...

We all remember the joy we had when Lynn told us that "Nighrunners" would get a film adaptation and I'm sure I'm not the only one mightily disappointed when it ended up not happening.

So... does anyone know where the rights lie? Does the production company still hold them, did they sell them...
What I'm trying to get at: I think with a willing production company, a willing Lynn Flewelling and enough people supporting it, these movies could be realized via crowd funding - but to organize this one would have to know the current situation, right?

Aug. 12th, 2013

Monkey by Koson


Question on Seregil's dogs

So I am doing something a little creative for a friend and I need to know the names of Seregil's Zengati hounds. I think one is Marag...but I can't seem to find the name of the other.

Does anyone have the names of the dogs?


Apr. 20th, 2013

tactics rabu!


Happy New Year?

Hi nightrunner! I was just thinking today that since the next book is the last Nightrunner book (so I remember hearing), what are your expectations for it? That is, what kind of plotlines do you want brought up? What do you want to happen?

Those kind of things :)

As for me [ SPOILERS FOR BOOK 4 ]Collapse )

And yeah. I hope LJ is alive enough for a discussion...

Nov. 12th, 2012

Love that quote


Ebay Listing for Japanese Edition of Luck in the Shadows!

I feel crazy for selling these because I love them! Just wanted to give everyone a heads up in case you are interested.

Luck in the Shadows Japanese Version Ebay Listing

Sep. 21st, 2012

L: Blue


How to say some Nightrunner names (if Skalan = Ancient Greek)

I actually tried to make this post two weeks ago, but since it had an external link, it awaited approval that never really came. So I've posted it up at my LJ instead. It's over here!

Teal dear: Skalan names fit awfully well with Ancient Greek, and if they are indeed Ancient Greek, those are some guesses as to how they'd be pronounced.

Jul. 7th, 2012

Nasir: Sorrow


Some Tamir Triad Fanart

Hi guys! I'm new here, though not new to Flewelling's work. (I first read Luck in the Shadows some four years back.) Somehow or another I never really found the drive to pick up Tamir all those years.

Then after Casket, I wanted more Flewelling, so I picked up the Tamir Triad, and instantly regretting putting it off. Where has it been all my life. Right there on Amazon, that's where.

There seemed to be just about no fandom for Tamir out there so I painted a little humble offering to throw in the pile.

Fake cuts don't look right anymore, so just have a naked link.

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